Monday, April 23, 2012

And the Winner Is....

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who donated and sponsored diapers!! We love that we have these opportunities to help raise money to help other babies and also to donate little diapers to other grieving families. I just got an email that we are one of the top 20 family teams in our area. Awesome! It's not to late to donate.

With your help, 240 diapers have been sponsored!

 After sampling the entrants, Cohen was ready to pick a winner. He actually picked a few winners, but we picked the one that stuck to his hand the longest.

And the winner who gets to babysit Cohen pick the next hospital to donate to is............

Congratulations, Bronwyn!! Email or facebook me and let me know if you have a hospital in mind you would like some diapers to go to.

Also in our house this week, we are introducing the N-O word. I know some of you don't like that word or don't say it to your kids, but we do. We have known from the start that Cohen was going to be a strong-willed, determined little boy. Which has it's advantages, but he will also need firm boundaries. He has started to purposefully arch his back and throw his head back. And thus, the beginning of "no". I think he knows what it means too. I generally put my hand on his tummy and just tell him no. He always looks at me and then stops (for a few seconds anyway).

Don't worry though, Cohen's life won't be defined by things he can't do. It hasn't this far, and it won't in the future. If Cohen wants to go play in the dirt, he will get a yes. We want him to try new things and to be adventurous. We want him to know that he can do whatever he puts his little mind to. But, we also believe as parents it is our job to shape the way he grows and learns and to keep him safe.

{Enjoying the sunshine}

I came across this picture this weekend, isn't he so sweet? Sigh, how did he get to be so grown up...make it stop!! 


  1. If we did not say NO at our house it would be brought down by the kids LOL. I love the sweet pics of your little guy :) I agree it goes way to fast enjoy every min! Make sure to link up at the bereaved mommies link-up tomorrow. I love that little yawn.

  2. Prior to having Evelynn I swore up and down that we would never use the word No. Yeah, we've had to say it since month 2. And now Evie says it too LOL (non-verbally though, she shakes her head no, thinking its a game...yeah great job me!). I think it's more how you say it, and when you say it. Even if you don't use the word in the house they end up learning it anyways! :)