Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mish Mash

So, I was originally supposed to work Friday but they really needed me Thursday instead so I agreed. I came home with Danny tonight and we are pretty glad we did because the water got turned off at the home while they fix some plumbing problem. It was off all day and was still off when we left this evening.

Speaking of the home, we had a note under our door that we had a package so I went to pick it up and it was a big box of paper plates and plastic silverware! Thanks Auntie Eva! I also got an email saying that someone had dropped off some more stuff for as at our church. So thanks to you too (I haven't picked it up yet, so I'm not sure if you left your name on it or not :) Ask and it will be given to you! I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record but we truly are so thankful for all the ways that people have supported us on our journey.

Danny and I had a nice little date today. He wanted fish and chips so we went down to the waterfront Ivar's. We sat outside and ate and then walked down along the water. We stopped at that little arcade and played some skee ball. We wanted to get some pictures in one of those photo booths but we only had $1.75 and they cost $2. So we played skee ball instead and won some tickets and got Cohen a little stuffed shark.

Cohen had a good night on his low flow. He has been keeping his O2 sats up without a problem. Please continue to pray that his lungs heal and grow and that his heart doesn't enlarge any more. If he has okay labs on Friday he will get to start breast/bottle feeding and see how he does. In rounds today the Dr said that ideally Cohen would be taking all of his feeds by breast or bottle with NO tube feedings before he goes home. I said that was a nice theory but if that was the only thing keeping him at the hospital and everything else was fine then we would rather just take him home. I'm fine with a feeding tube, especially if it means we don't have to push him. But, we'll see what happens. Maybe he will surprise us again and take his feedings like a champ.

I tried to get the Dr to give me some kind of a hint as to when they think he would be ready but of course they never really give you a date. I realize that he still has some hurdles to get over, but we are hoping maybe sometime in the next few weeks. The nurses have told me to just "be ready", and I have heard this from other NICU moms as well, that sometimes they just decide that today is the day he can go and that you have to take the baby and run before they change their minds. So, I am excited to have cleaning day so that I will feel a little more ready. I will also bring the carseat in with me next time I head to Seattle just to have it there.

A friend of mine from college has generously offered up her husband to come take some pictures of Cohen and I am SO excited. I feel like we have missed out on a lot of the normal parts of being pregnant and having a baby. We have a wall in our house with some wedding pictures on it and I can't wait to update it with some new pictures!!

Some of you have contacted me saying you can't help clean this weekend but have offered to come help another day. I will probably see how much we get done Saturday and then if we need to I may plan another cleaning day. My schedule is pretty up in the air right now so I won't know until later what day that would be so I will keep you updated. Thank you to everyone who offered and is coming to help. I am excited to have a clean house for Cohen to come home too, it's been awhile!

That was kind of all over the place, but welcome to our lives...I left my camera at the hospital so no new pictures today :( A few of you commented on the thermometer in the corner of one of the pictures in the last post...Remember this picture? Pretty cool huh!?

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