Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Need Help

Everybody always asks what they can do to help and honestly, I'm not very good at accepting help. I've always been an "I'll just do it myself" kind of girl. I know we need help...but some of the things that would be nice or things we need just seem kind of weird to ask paper plates and utensils for the home since sometimes there aren't enough dishes and it's just easier...or dinner...or a ride home from the hospital because I used to walk but it gets dark so early now...or someone to help me make birth/coming home announcements...or if you have asked me to be somewhere/do something at a certain time or place please remind me multiple times...

I think my biggest thing right now is that we need to do a big house cleaning before Cohen comes home. We need to de-fur the house from Russell and also clean it from 4+ months of neglect! Cohen's breathing is one of his biggest issues and also he has no immune system so I want the house to be sparkly clean. If you are around Lynden and it's something you would be interested in helping with, I'm thinking of having a cleaning day Oct 1 (Saturday) or maybe Oct 6 (Thurs) or maybe both! Also, we want to get our carpets cleaned so if anyone has access to a carpet cleaner that would be helpful too.

So, there you go! I'm asking for help. If you are interested you can email me at or if you have my phone # you can text/call me. Thanks in advance!


  1. Both of those days work for me!! I will be there to help! I will try and talk to my neighbor about coming and cleaning the carpets and couches. And I would also LOVE to help make announcements for Cohen! I have been having the crafty itch lately.

  2. I would love to help you clean but it won't work out with Jacob's surgery, but I have some Turkey Noodle Soup and Chicken Enchilda's made and in the freezer to bring you and I am going to try to make a Baked Spaghetti to bring you. I will bring you some other goodies also along with some paper plates and silverware. Let us know if there is anything else we can bring down for you.

    Angie Brooks

  3. I will absolutely be there!
    <3 Christine

  4. If I didn't live on the wrong continent I'd be there! Sounds like you have lots of help and I hope your house is lovely and sparkly clean ready for Cohen's homecoming.