Thursday, September 15, 2011

Due Date

It's here! And, overall...I think the days leading up to it were worse. Thank you to everyone who was thinking of us today and for letting me know that you were! I couldn't sleep last night so I called Cohen at midnight and had his nurse hold the phone up to his ear so I could tell him Happy Due Date.

Cohen is 102 days old. We spent our day snuggling, listening to lullabies on pandora, reading stories, skyping with one of my very good friends who lives in Wisconsin, and comparing footprints from the day he was born and today. I am amazed at how far this little boy has come.
Remember this little boy who weighed 1 lb 8 oz? The little boy who could wear his Gramma's wedding ring on his arm...Whose blood pressure cuff was the size of a bandaid...Whose preemie diapers had to be folded in half...Who had some kind of IV line in 3 out of 4 limbs...

Can you believe that little boy is now this big boy?

See, I told you...Amazing!


  1. It is AMAZING! Such a miracle!
    <3 Christine

  2. Beautiful! I can't believe how he fits in to his little plaid overalls and he is even sporting some chubbiness :) I'm glad your day has gone well. Still counting on winning that weight contest, so tell him not to snarf down TOO much. ;)

  3. Haha, I will let him know...although I LOVE his chubbiness so I may encourage him to continue on :)

  4. AMAZING. What an amazing little boy. Love him!