Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Contest!

So, after my horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday I decided it's time for something different. The Drs are saying that Cohen may be home in a few weeks to a month (obviously they can't give us an exact date and just depends on Cohen). As you know, he is growing like a weed. Today he weighs 6 lbs 5 oz. I keep telling the nurses he is going to be 10 lbs by the time he goes home! So, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest. Put in your best guess as to how much Cohen will weigh when he goes home! Whoever is closest autograph from Cohen?

And, just for reference:

June 5 - 1 lb 8oz, 13 inches
July 5 - 1 lb 15 oz
August 5 - 3 lbs 3 oz, 15 inches
Sept 5 - 6 lbs, 18 inches

So go ahead! Guess how much this little pudge will be when he finally gets to go home!

{Passed out after he finished practicing nursing yesterday}

{ much will I weigh in a month?}


  1. I am going to go with 10 lbs 50z!

  2. Well my brother was 10lbs. 2oz.. So, I will go with that! :0)
    <3 Auntie Christine

  3. 9 lbs. 8 oz (Tam)

  4. 7 lbs 8 oz (Desirae's guess)

  5. im going to guess 9lb 1oz


  6. Off topic, but I wanted to let you know that my dear friends from B'ham, Carol and Ryan Ferris are having their baby at UW this morning and there are lots of concerns but we're praying hard. If you run in to them you'll know you're both from the 'North' :)

  7. I am putting these on here from facebook...that way they don't get lost!

    Candy I say 8.5 lbs.

    Barb ‎7 lb. 11 oz.

    Joan ‎10.2 lbs

    Kaysha Ebergson I say 11lbs 5 oz:) I'm so glad to see him growing.. doesn't he seem huge to you now:)!!

  8. 9lbs 14oz!

    It was great to see him yesterday! He's so perfect (and funny)! Such a little chunk. I enjoyed visiting with you also, Jana. I would not recommend the red velvet cupcake to a friend. I'll have to get the chocolate next time!
    <3 Bridget

  9. 10 lbs 2 oz

    I hope he gets even MORE chunky!! :)


  10. 8lbs 15oz (Abbie)