Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Updates

So far, today has been a little bit better of a day. I am feeling a little bit better, however now Danny has a sore throat :( We went in to the funeral home this morning to talk about what we wanted for Carter's headstone. We have made almost all of the decisions so as soon as we work out a few details then it will be all ready to go, although it does take a few months for it to be made. While it wasn't an easy process, I don't think anyone ever plans on having to pick out a headstone for their baby, we are glad to have made some decisions about it. I had said something yesterday about being stressed out because I wanted it to be perfect. I am happy with the things we have picked out and designed and I think it will convey everything that we want it to.

I was looking at some pictures last night that my sister had taken the night the boys were born. I knew she had taken some but I hadn't seen them yet. I remember her taking a few pictures but I was pleased to see that there were actually quite a few that I didn't remember her taking(Thanks Karen!). While I was glad to see these pictures, I kept thinking to myself that the pictures seemed different than how I remember him looking. In the pictures, it is quite obvious that he was a very sick baby. In my mind I don't remember him looking sick. Maybe it's just how I want to remember him, but in that moment when I was with him, I just remember him looking so perfect. And maybe that's how I will choose to keep remembering him :)

And a quick Cohen update...they weaned his ventilator settings last night and he did really well for the most part. His ventilator is set to give him a certain number of breaths per minute. He can over breathe the machine and take as many as he wants, but he is guaranteed a certain number set by the ventilator. His rate was set at 35 and they turned him down to a rate of 20 and also decreased the amount of pressure the machine is giving him to keep his lungs open. He had a good blood gas last night and the nurse mentioned the "extubate" word again (taking his breathing tube out). However, he decided to get nice and comfy and go to sleep and forget to breathe so he had a little episode where his heart rate and oxygen saturation when down. They are going to start him on caffeine which should help with his apnea (when he forgets to breathe). So, no extubation today but hopefully soon! He weighed 2 lbs and 13 oz as of a few days ago...he is getting to be such a big boy. I can't wait to see him again, hopefully soon! We are sending Gramma down tomorrow to check on him and see how he's doing since we can't be there.

Oh, and the insurance stuff is worked out for now! It turns out that neither of our insurance companies will cover Cohen since he would have double coverage with his DSHS (Sigh, why didn't anyone tell us that in the beginning!?) But, at least is covered for now and we are done with that mess!

Please pray that Danny and I will both feel better quickly so we can get back down to Seattle by this weekend. We are anxious to have Cohen be off the ventilator, but we also don't want it to be a rushed thing so please pray that he will continue to get stronger and when they do decide it's time that he will do well with it (some babies are extubated, breathe on their own for a little while and then have to get their breathing tubes back).

I don't have any new pictures of the little fellow still, but Sunday we went to a BBQ at my brother's house. The one sunny day of the summer! So here are a few pictures of our time with my family. The little kids (and some big kids) enjoyed some time running down the hill in the yard and jumping into the pool.

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