Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kicked Out of the Club

Well, our little man doesn't like to be pushed into anything he doesn't want to do. With the steroids they wanted to get him off the ventilator and he was so close but decided he wasn't ready. Last night they tried to wean his settings again but he wasn't very happy and had a bad blood gas so they turned him back up. Today, his oxygen and heart rate have been all over the place. He will be really high and then drop really low. Now, this afternoon, his blood gas was really good so they turned him down again. We'll see if he decides that the change is acceptable. In rounds this morning the Dr said that Cohen is pretty much right where they expect him to be for how early he was born and how old he is, they are hoping to get him off the ventilator within a week or two. He was started on diuretics today so that hopefully he can get rid of some of the fluid in his lungs. If they can't get him off the ventilator it will be back to the idea of surgery for his PDA, which they have been talking about for some time but no one will touch him until his rash is ALL the way gone. While Mr Cohen joined the 1000 gram club yesterday (and got a sign from his nurses!), he had a big poop last night and has now been kicked out of the club as he weighed less than 1000 today.

I was taking pictures of him today because I feel like he changes every day and looks a little more grown up. After a few pictures (ok maybe more like 20) he threw his arm across his face and I took that as a sign that he was done with me :) People that have seen him say that it's hard to know how small he is in the pictures so I tried to put him next to something that would help put it in perspective. So here he is with his thermometer and a bulb syringe. Hopefully that helps a little.


  1. Oh the up's and down's of mother hood. I am glad they are trying to ween him off the o.2. but can't emagine the frustration you must be feeling. Thankyou for the pict's with the bulb beside him, it really made me realize how tiny he is. Remember I am praying for you all. Agape, Bonnie VanFossen

  2. He looks so good today -- so perfect and with so much personality! You are so brave and patient, and I know that you are the right mother for this tiny angel! We're always thinking and praying for you and your family -- Rachelle