Saturday, July 30, 2011

Look Ma, NO TUBE!!!!

Yahoo!!! Cohen got extubated this morning and is doing well on his CPAP. Please pray that he is able to keep up his breathing and doesn't get tired out and have to get his tube back. We got to see his whole face for the first time when they took his little mask off AND I got to hear him cry!!! It was probably the best sound in the whole world :) His CPAP actually covers up him a little more but next time they take his mask off I will try to take a picture of his face!


  1. Yahoo for no tube! Praying he continues to breathe better and better :) What a little mighty man he is!

  2. Yay!!! Great job Cohen!! Love you and praying!
    Christine - Auntie

  3. Hurray!! What wonderful news. I realised when I was reading your last update that I was actually sitting on a lump of z-flo. LOL We have a few well used ones from a previous hospital stay. don't throw them out. They come in awfully handy.