Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Boy!

I am so, SO, SO glad to be feeling better and back in Seattle! While it was nice to be at home with Danny for more than a day, it was so hard for me not to be here at the hospital. I just missed my little guy so much. Although I'm sure he enjoyed his little break from getting his picture taken constantly. He is starting to look more grown up and like a "real" baby and not just a wrinkly old man (a cute one). 
We got some of the most adorable clothes from a family friend and I couldn't wait to get my hands on Cohen again so we could try them on. The smallest outfit was a little shirt with farm animals on it. I got it on Cohen but it wouldn't velcro closed in the front because his stomach is so big!! So we decided to put it on backwards :) Tomorrow we will try the next size up and see how that goes. I never thought Cohen would have clothes that were too small!! Thanks for the little clothes Honcoops, we love them! That big blue thing on Cohen in his pictures is his starfish. It's kind of like a bean bag, the weight of it makes them feel more contained like if I had my hands on him. And, just for fun, here is Cohen's little shirt air drying on Dad's shirt.

Cohen trying to wear his shirt...he looks like he belongs at the beach being a surfer dude or something!

 The Drs are hoping to extubate Cohen within the next few days. He had to go back up a little on one of his settings, but he is getting closer. The Dr came by and I got a chance to talk with him a little bit. He said that they want to make sure he is really ready because they want to limit the number of failed extubations, where they take his tube out and he can't quite do it on his own and they have to reintubate him. The more times this happens it can cause scar tissue in his throat, so we don't want that either. Cohen also got moved out of his z-flo (His squishy mattress) and is now just on his regular mattress. They swaddled him and still put some little blanket rolls around him so he still feels tucked in. His temperatures will get high sometimes and they think it's because he gets all nice and tucked in to his z-flo and gets too warm now that he has "a little layer of fat" now. His room also has windows on one side and the sun shines right on them and when its warm out that room gets hot! So they think this will help him control his temperatures a little better without making him too hot.
We also got a little visit from some church friends (thanks for stopping by :) And I got a phone call from my OB in Bellingham checking up on Cohen and I to see how we are doing...I haven't seen her since early on in my pregnancy because at BOGA you see all the Drs, not just one.  But she calls once in awhile to see how we are doing, she is so great. It was kind of a busy day, but I am so glad that I am feeling better and got to come back to see Cohen. Please pray that Danny gets better quickly so he can come join us and also that Cohen will keep getting bigger and stronger because he is so close to getting that tube out!


  1. So Glad you are back with Cohen!!! Love all the pictures and he has bright eyes!!! praying for you. Deanna T.

  2. I am so in love with his eyes