Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daddy's First Diaper Change!

Yesterday I finally convinced Danny to change Cohen's diaper. I had asked him before if he wanted to and he didn't because he had so many wires and things. But, he finally decided to try it. It was really cute and Cohen behaved well for him...although he has peed on me way more times than Danny so he has some catching up to do. I think he was trying to be nice since it was his Daddy's first time changing a diaper.

The plan for the last couple and next few days hasn't changed much. Cohen is pretty much just hanging out on his ventilator settings. His blood gases and been good and his chest xray looks okay. On Monday he has getting another echo to check his heart and then the drs will talk to the infectious disease people to check on his rash. They are still trying to decide if he will be on his antifungal meds for 4 weeks or 6 weeks. Probably the next step for Cohen will be surgery to fix his PDA. Although his Mom and Dad are praying and praying that it will close on its own and he won't have to have surgery. When the nurses listen, sometimes they hear it and sometimes they don't. It could be trying to close on its own which would be so great!

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