Friday, July 8, 2011

Strong Man

Today is Cohen's third day of steroids. Some babies respond right away to the steroids. Cohen took a little longer, but he always does things in his own way and time. He is enjoying them very much and has made some progress. His lungs are now more open, the doctor listened to him and said she could actually hear air moving now instead of just squeaking. His ventilator settings are pretty low and they said the "extubate" word (take out his breathing tube). They decided against this today because they still want to see his lungs a little more expanded. He has been having a lot of junk in his lungs that they have been suctioning out. They sent some for a culture and had originally told us it was growing some kind of bacteria. This afternoon they came in and said that it was just normal bacteria that everybody has in their mouth! So that's a good thing, its nothing he needs to be treated for. He has been much happier off of his oscillating ventilator and behaving nicely. They said maybe tomorrow they might try and take his tube out depending on what happens with his lungs, he will get an xray in the morning. Cohen's back looks way, way better and he only has a few little spots left. Hopefully in the next few days it will be gone!
He is becoming quite the little acrobatic strong man...I have looked into his isolette a few times and he will stretch out his legs and somehow lift the entire lower half of his body into the air. I should try and get it on video because it's quite impressive. We have been able to do more kangaroo care, which we always enjoy. Yesterday, Cohen peed on me twice (through his diaper!) while I was holding  him...I have a feeling it probably won't be the last time either.

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  1. Yay, go Cohen!! Glad to hear he's getting stronger! :) ~Karissa