Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Month Birthday!

Today Cohen is officially one month old! Just like last week, I can't believe it! He has come so far through so many things and we are so proud of him. This morning they decided to switch him back to his regular ventilator. While the oscillator was doing what they wanted, opening up his lungs more, he just really wasn't tolerating it well at all. The night nurse had to give him several doses of morphine to settle him down because he was really fighting the ventilator. He was up to 90% on his oxygen which is way higher than he has been. He also wasn't tolerating being moved or touched at all, he would drop his heart rate and oxygen pretty significantly. So this morning they made the switch back and right now he is on 40% oxygen and his blood gases are good! One of his favorite nicu nurses has him today and she fought to get him back on this ventilator which he seems to be doing much better on. While he still drops his heart rate or oxygen occasionally (mostly when he's getting suctioned) he is tolerating being handled a little better.

Since it is his one month birthday we decided to have a little celebration. I had left the hospital to get some lunch and stopped at Starbucks and found some cake pops. So I brought one back for his nurses and one for me/him. He even got a (paper) candle! The secretary also made him a little birthday sign for his door. Here's a few pictures from today...and our first family picture from the other day. Happy Birthday little man. We are so, so thankful for you!!!



  1. Let him know his Auntie is so proud of him and I love him very much. Happy One Month Birthday!
    <3 Auntie! AKA Christine

  2. Cute family picture! Happy Birthday to Cohen. Thank you for the way you are keeping us updated. We're proud of you for your courage and your demonstration of faith. Having faith doesn't mean that there won't be difficult moments, but that you come back to trusting God. Your friend gave you such good advice a few days ago. We love you and pray for you.
    Love, Pastor and Emily

  3. Such a neat photo of you three! So happy you got to do this! Keep hangin' in!

  4. LOVE the pictures. Hugs to Cohen! We love you all SO much!