Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer 2012 - Ocean City State Park

Over the weekend we went tent camping for the first time with Cohen. We borrowed my parents car and barely fit everything in, babies do not travel light. We picked up the Hegartys in Seattle and made our way to the coast. It was around a 6-7 hour drive and Cohen did well, considering. He did get too hot at one point so we made a dinner stop to let everyone get out and stretch their legs and cool off. We arrived at our campsite in the evening to find a mud pit. We reserved the campsite last minute as we had only decided to go camping the weekend before. This campsite was one of the only ones left, now we know why. If you go to Ocean City State Park, avoid site #15.

I had worked 9 hours on Thursday and waited until the end to pack my own bag so by then I was just trying to entertain a baby and pack the car at the same time. Shoes didn't make the cut. But definitely always bring shoes camping. I thought I could get away with only flip flops since it was going to be nice out and we were quickly running out of room in the car. I was wrong, bring shoes.

We found a dry spot to put up the tent and the boys went to work. Our little tent is no longer big enough for all 3 of us so we borrowed my brother's 8 man tent and all stayed in the same one.

Saturday we went to the beach and spent most of the time making Cohen didn't consume mass amounts of sand and trying to keep it out of his eyes. It was also very windy, but it was the beach so we were happy. We are still working on getting the sand out of our hair and ears.

{How seriously cute are they!?}

We ate lots of s'mores, got lots of campfire sitting time, and card playing in. We had a lot of fun and we are excited to go camping again with some other friends in a few weekends. They have 2 little boys so it should be crazy fun!

We are making nice progress on our Summer 2012 List!

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