Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* I voluntarily eat macaroni and cheese on a semi-regular basis

* We are currently using a bag of potatoes as a door stop

* Sometimes I run out of things to watch on Netfl1x and then I end up watching things like "Who the !%@# Did I Marry". Then when I get in bed I wake up my innocently (or is he?) sleeping husband and ask him if he's a spy, a money smuggler, or if he's going to take me on a cruise and throw me overboard.

* While calling patients on the phone, I sometimes have to guess who I am talking to..."Hi is Maryjo Soandso there? Oh she isn't? Is this her................*please give me some kind of a hint*..........husband? wife? son? neighbor? Second cousin twice removed?" They don't often willingly offer me who they are. Guessing doesn't always turn out very well.

* (Continued from above) This also applies to guessing who people are in person. "And is this your dad? Is he going to pick you up after surgery?" "Um, that's my boyfriend" Whoops.

* Cohen has a little baby doll that he is allowed to play with if we refer to it as an action figure, per Danny's request

* I posted Fess Up Friday on Thursday at 11:30 pm (yawn, close enough to Friday) because otherwise I won't have time to do it tomorrow! 

Do you have anything you would like to confess? It'll make you feel better, I promise! 

{You guys are so funny!}


  1. *I once put eye drops in my baby's mouth and oral drops in her eye... I guess it was OK because shes now 25.
    * I believe I have dropped all but 2 of my 4 children at one time or another.
    * I smell marijuana often near my 2 boys (16&17) but I only dropped I of them??
    * Wait I did scald the 1 boy I didn't drop, question answered.
    * I secretly wish I was a princess so I wouldn't have to work!
    * After have 4 kids I realized I really didn't really want to be a mommy. ;)


  2. I also eat macaroniand cheese on a semi-regular basis - I can't help it...after I made it the last time I wondered if I will still be making and eating it when I'm like 80 :p And in person I have denined eating mac n'cheese as often as I do.

  3. What are you using as a doorstop now??