Friday, July 13, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* I wiped Cohen down with a baby wipe when I didn't have time to give him a bath. His OT told him he smelled good and asked what I used on him.

* While shopping one day I had picked up a basket of strawberries and got some juice on my hand. I didn't want to stain my light colored clothes so I wiped it on Cohen's sweatshirt (his sweatshirt was dark blue!!).

* One day when picking Cohen up from my sister's house, I let her guiltily explain the bump on Cohen's head before telling her it was there when I dropped him off.

* We have been saving our food scraps for our new pigs and at one point I texted my mom to see if they ate Doritos. They do.

* We haven't learned our lesson about naked baby time. This time he peed on his toothbrush.

* My sister told us that Cohen had said poo poo several times while she was changing his diaper. We were so excited that he was saying a new word that all day we tried to get him to say poo poo. Then we realized that that word could probably wait a little while longer.

* Sometimes, I draw the line and I don't share everything that happens. In fact, 2 things happened this week that are way too embarrassing to tell you. After yesterday's event, Danny said "do you think this is too embarrassing for Fess Up Friday?" It was a definite yes. Sorry!


  1. I want to know!!!!

    (I do that hand wiping thing ALL THE TIME. They're boys, they're always dirty anyway right???)

  2. I laughed about the baby wipe bathing too. I do it too often, and that is the only definition of giving the kids a bath that my husband knows, I think! I always have to ask him, "Did you bathe them or just wipe them off?" when I get back from work. Too funny! I, too, celebrate ANY words including pee pee and poo poo.

  3. Leyla spits up ALL THE TIME, so I'm constantly wiping her chest and neck fold with baby wipes. So much easier than busting out the bath!

  4. So what did your sister day happened and how he got the bump? Was her story more exciting than what actually happened?

    1. She said he hit his head going out between the screen and the porch. Not skydiving or anything :)

  5. Oh c'mon! Tell us!!! By the way, baby wipes totally count as a bath! Haha, even more so if you take the baby wipe and wet is with worm water and squirt a drop of soap on it. hahaha.

    I'm wanna do Fess Up Friday on my blog, I'll link you. Is that okay?!

  6. I love all of your confessions. :) So funny. So many things that mommies do, just not all are brave enough to confess. Did your sister laugh when you told her he had a bump on his head before you dropped him off? Thanks for making me laugh this morning!