Friday, July 20, 2012

Fess Up Friday

I have nothing to confess this week. Except that Danny caught me snuggling my little baby. Yep, I still snuggle him when he sleeps. Have I ever told you how much I love this boy? I do, a lot.

A few more of you have asked if you can borrow Fess Up Friday and of course you can! If you do you should leave a comment with your blog so we can read what you have to confess!


  1. Replies
    1. The funny thing is, he doesn't really have very much hair! I'm not sure why it loOKA=AqA12 J800 LOOKS SO DARK. Cohen was helping me type :)

  2. You didn't save a muffin for Danny?

  3. Malachi asked me to tell you to tell Cohen that he would like tips on how to grow such lavish locks.

  4. I don't check your blog as regularly as (maybe) I should. You put a lot of work into your writing; it's my responsibility and privilege as your brother to recognize and enjoy your work. So, this is me telling you that I'm proud of you and that I want you to keep doing this as much as you want. I get a lot of gratification from the posts I haven't read (of which there are ~140). I use this as a way of keeping in touch with the family and, in particular, with your family. If you ever need anything, just call. I love you, Jana.

  5. I confess I too hold my Joseph after he sleep and cuddle me way to long. I also do this with my three year old and all I can say is it goes way to fast.