Monday, July 9, 2012

Grand Coulee Dam

I left out part of our Eastern Washington trip because I was going to make it it's own special post and then I totally forgot!

Some of our good friends moved away to Wisconsin a few years ago and I have only seen them once in that time. They recently moved back to Idaho, which isn't Washington, but it's closer! They moved right after the birth of their first son and had another little guy while they were gone so I was pretty excited to see them. They also hadn't met Cohen yet so we were glad to finally get to see each other's families.

The Gagliardi's hadn't been in Idaho long, but when I found out we were going to be closer than we'd been in years, we decided to meet up. Grand Coulee Dam was literally the only thing between us and them. It was a 2 hour drive for each of us but so worth it.

We met up at the Dam and quickly decided that it was cool to see but that our kids probably wouldn't be interested in taking the tour. We settled for a picnic lunch at a nearby park. The kids played and had a fun time while we caught up in between chasing kids, picking rocks out of mouths, and pushing swings. The sprinklers came on partway through our visit and Jonathan and Danny (their Danny) loved playing in them, clothes and all. I took very few pictures as you can tell.

I like to joke with Bryan and Tiffany that they named their kids after us. Jonathan is the girl version of Jana and Danny, well that's self explanatory.

It was so good to see them again even though our time was too short. The kids were worn out and we headed back our separate ways. We are really excited to get to go camping with them when they come to Washington in a few weeks!

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