Monday, July 2, 2012

Spectacle Lake

Friday morning we set off for Eastern WA bright and early. Cohen was a champ on the 5ish hour drive and we only had to stop a few times. The drive was beautiful and I even stayed awake for most of it, which is rare for me. I did nod off once only to have Danny wake me up and ask me where we were, to which I responded that I had been sleeping and had no clue.

We arrived to the lake and checked into our rooms. We had been to Spectacle Lake on vacation once when I was younger. As we pulled in it still looked pretty much exactly the same. We unloaded our stuff and pulled open to curtain and there was the lake. Such a perfect view right out our window.

Saturday morning we woke up to rain. Since we couldn't play on the lake we decided to go for a little hike.

On Sunday we woke up quite excited. A few years ago our good friends up and moved far, far away all the way to Wisconsin. They recently moved back to Idaho and so we made plans to meet up at the Grand Coulee Dam. More coming on that later. 

The men fully enjoyed the local fishing. Every morning and evening they would head off in the boat and stay out for a few hours. They caught a slew of fish and fried some up for a few meals and had plenty left for the freezer. Meanwhile, the women folk stayed inside planning the renovations to the Spectacle Lake resort while working on a puzzle.

 {First taste of fish}

 {Doing dishes, sweeping, and watching the baby...}

{While Gramma does crossword puzzles...}

 {And Danny drinks his morning coffee}

We had planned on staying until Wednesday, but by Tuesday we were growing weary of the rain and sad about the lack of sun we had been promised. It was getting hard to keep Cohen entertained in doors out of his regular habitat and he was growing restless. We decided to pack up and head home. Cohen was a champ on the ride home, he slept for most of it. Whenever he would start to fuss I would just hand another toy or piece of food over to him and he was happy again. 

We had a lot of fun, but I think Cohen was happy to be home. He crawled all around the house and would get a huge smile on his face whenever he found one of his toys.

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