Monday, July 2, 2012

Spectacle Lake - Hiking & Fishing

The men were in fish heaven. They would go out in the boat at least twice a day, even in the rain, and be out for hours fishing. I know Danny had really been looking forward to getting some good fishing time in and he got lots of it. They also caught a lot of fish. Almost every time they went out they would come back with a few more fish.

Cohen also got to go out for his first boat ride! He tried to convince Grampa to get him a fishing pole, but the pole is still bigger than he is so he decided to wait awhile.

On Monday, it was rainy but we decided to go for a hike. We were optimistic that the sun would come out, which it did, but not until we got home later in the afternoon. We drove through and out of Tonasket to a campground which was the start of our hike. It was a nice, easy 2 mile hike around Beaver Lake over to Beth Lake. The boys wanted to do some fishing but by that point it was pouring and we got chilly when we stopped moving. Cohen didn't want to miss out on any excitement and had been fighting sleep the whole car ride and the majority of the hike. Finally, he passed out and we had to scoop him out of the backpack.

{See the optimism in our shorts?}

{Too much fun}


  1. I love those backpacks we has one survive five kids :) It looks pretty much like a rag now. How fun the fish pictures are to cute. Grandpa always looks so happy i the pictures, it always makes me smile :)

  2. Cohen loves fish!! SO SO CUTE!! That first pic is my favorite!