Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cohen's Room Tour

I realized that I don't think I've ever put up pictures of Cohen's room! The only pictures I have of his room are the ones we took the day he came home. We tried to get as much done as we could early on since we figured the twins would be early, we just didn't know how early they would be. By the time I went into the hospital, we had the room painted and the cribs set up and that's it.

After Carter died, we just didn't really have the heart to go into what was once our twins' room but would now only be Cohen's room. Most of this room was put together by my wonderful mom and sister. Once they found out Cohen was coming home, they went over and tried to finish it up a little and it was such a nice surprise! Most of the furniture is mismatched because we inherited it from various places. Our one splurge was the bedding that we got from P0ttery Barn Kids. I wanted the room to be calm and peaceful and I really like the way his room looks. Sorry I don't have better pictures, but these will have to do. I still want to get some pictures printed and framed for his room, but haven't quite gotten to it yet.

{The rocking chair in the corner}

This is probably one of my favorite little spots in Cohen's room. That picture on the left is a picture of Jesus holding a baby and I absolutely love it. It was given to me by my friend who also had a preemie. I like it because it makes me think of both of my boys. Carter who is being held in the arms of Jesus, and also how much the Lord has carried Cohen through. The Mariner bear was Carter's, we went to Build a Bear while I was pregnant and made a Mariner bear and a Seahawks bear for the boys. The little box with the two babies on top was a gift at my baby shower and I love that too.

{Little shelf by the changing table}

{This is in a frame on the shelf}

This shelf is on the other side by his rocking chair. A piggy bank, Danny's first home run ball in little league, Ken Griffey Jr baseball card, the little boxing gloves that hung in the NICU with Cohen, and Cohen's dinosaur room sign. 

{Cohen's friends waiting for him to finally come home}

 {He's finally here!}

 {Changing table}

{He loves those stars above his table, he would always stare at them while we changed his diaper}

{My brother made us this sign for Cohen's room and I love it}


  1. I love ALL of it!! Especially the picture of him with his "friend" cute! He has grown SO much!!!

  2. I love the Winnie the Pooh quote. Oh how special that will be for Cohen as he grows up!

  3. I looks like such a peaceful room! I just love that dinosaur sign, and would love to eventually have my future kids' room have something similar.

    And just letting you know I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner.

  4. Oh my goodness the stuffed animals shots are PRICELESS! :) I love the pooh bear quote as well very sweet.

  5. What a cute room!! I love the personal touches and the winnie the pooh quote, we have one in Liv's room too! :)

  6. So cute!! How did your brother make the sign? Will you please ask him to do a guest tutorial blog post on that???? I love it!