Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer 2012 - The Beach

We have crossed another one off our Summer list. We woke up to sunshine and saw that the rest of the week we were most likely getting rain so we knew we had to take advantage. Around here, you don't pass up going out in the sunshine because you don't know when you will see it again!

I texted Karen in the morning and she was game to go out to Birch Bay with us. We packed up our cars and headed out. The kids had a great time and played and played. Cohen spent some time on the beach blanket but was more interested in crawling around in the sand and water. I set him down in the wet sand and he immediately crawled over to one of the little tide pools and just tromped right through it. He thought it was great. Our beaches aren't exactly the white sandy beaches of Hawaii or California. I was following Cohen through the saltwater picking seaweed out of his hands the whole time and trying to keep him from drinking the water. But, he had a fun time and I hope to take him back again soon.(Check out Cohen's "Blue Steel" look in the 2nd picture)


  1. Looks like fun! Hope you go back soon.

  2. Adorable pics :) Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo