Friday, June 8, 2012

Fess Up Friday

Tomorrow is party day! We are pretty excited. Cohen goes in for his one year check up this afternoon and then his auntie and uncle are watching him and Danny and I get to go on a date.

I have one sock that I can't find a match to so I just leave it in the laundry basket and it keeps getting rewashed over and over. It's probably the cleanest sock in the world.

Our vacuum cleaner lives in the bathroom because there isn't room in any of our closets and Cohen licks the wheels if it's in the hallway.

The other day I heard myself telling Cohen that we needed to put his diaper and pants on because it wasn't polite to be naked when guests came over.

Seconds after I posted this, I hopped over the kiddie gate into our room and got the pocket of my pajama shorts stuck on the door handle and tripped. Then I came back to put it on my Fess Up Friday :) 

And, my pinterest confessions. It's like they are in my head! 


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  2. Love your confessions for today. :) Super cute, and so problems mommies have. :) Hahaha I probably would've tripped too trying to jump the baby gate. Have a Great Friday!

  3. I can't tell you how many 1000's of times I have tripped over a kiddie gate...

    : )

    Love you all, Mom

  4. LOL love this! Thanks for the smile :)