Friday, June 29, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* We have to weed our yard

* You know those giant forks that come with your silverware set? I have used that giant serving fork to eat my dinner on more than one occasion when all the regular forks were dirty.

* After continually telling Danny it was okay to speed on the road to my parents house because I had "never seen a police car on that road in 20-something years", he got pulled over by the state patrol. There goes that theory. But seriously, I've never seen a police car on that road in all my days. Border patrol...constantly. Police, no. He didn't get a ticket so there's really no proof that he saw one either.

* We call our kiddie gate "the shin splitter"

* We make up stories about our cat...for example:  
Danny: "What if we saw Russell out riding a bike?"
Jana: "That's ridiculous, where would Russell get a bike?"
Danny: "What do you think Russell is out doing right now?"
Jana: He's probably out playing hopscotch with his friends 

* I like watching documentaries 

* Cohen gets to have "naked baby time" at home. While on vacation we let him have some nakey time and he proceeded to not only pee on the floor but also poop. Twice.  


  1. I love these...I want to join in next time! Has he pooped in the tub yet?

    1. You should join in :) and NO thankfully he hasn't pooped in the tub, although I've been nervous about it several times!

  2. I love fess up Fridays!! Which documentaries would you recommend?