Friday, June 15, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* Before Cohen left the NICU we had to take a carseat class. They told us to talk to our baby in really happy voices and to smile while putting them in the carseat and then they would like it. I have been practicing this while sweeping the floor in hopes that someday Cohen will really like sweeping the floor

* I usually take Cohen out for a walk at some point in the day and I usually change out of my pajamas into my "nice" sweatpants so that I'm presentable

* There are a lot of days I can't remember when the last time I gave Cohen a bath was

* Cohen got another new tooth (that makes FIVE!) and I didn't even know about it until I saw it all the way through yesterday when I came home from work. I didn't think I'd been gone that long!

* I claim no responsibility for the things I do in my asleep or half asleep state, including kicking Danny to get him to go get Cohen on a night he had to work in the morning.

* I hate touching lunch meat and I am scared of sea creatures

* I still go in and snuggle Cohen at night while he is sleeping at the risk of waking him up. I can't help myself, he is growing up WAY too fast.
* I think I enjoy Cohen's giant bear as much as he does. It makes an excellent floor pillow.

* Cohen is a little spoiled well loved

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