Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Boy

Hi everybody,

It's Cohen here again. Daddy went back to work today, so it's just me and mom hanging out. My mom is real busy making lots of phone calls trying to get all my Drs appointments set up and all the supplies we need delivered to the house. I'm pretty sure she thought she was done with spending all this time on the phone, but I guess she was wrong. We also went on a big walk all the way out to the mailbox. Mom put me in one of those carrier things and made me wear my pumpkin hat. She said it was really nice and sunny out but I didn't notice, I was too busy sleeping. I also went out for a walk in my stroller yesterday. I slept all the way through that too. Mom says we need to get some fresh air while we can.

{Out for a stroll}

I LOVE being at home! I have been sleeping a lot in my bassinet in my mom and dad's room. I still grunt all the time but they are getting used to it and are sleeping a little better. I sleep great, I don't know what their problem is! I have been taking most of my bottles during the day but I sleep through most of my feeds at night so I just get them put right into my tube. I think mom wishes maybe she could have one of these for coffee. She doesn't usually drink coffee but she was saying she might have to start. Otherwise not too much has been going on around here. I'm just enjoying laying around, pooping my diaper (sometimes while I am getting changed), making lots of laundry, reading my books and hanging out in the living room.

 {Reading books with Dad}
{This is my new favorite book. I love to stare at the pictures...especially the frog}

 {I'll be reading in no time!}
My home health nurse came today and brought us some more supplies. She also weighed me and guess how much I weigh? 10 lbs! I am wearing my first 0-3 month sleeper right now. While the nurse was here and mommy was feeding me my bottle I accidentally pooped and it went through my clothes and onto mom's pants! So we both had to go change. 

{10 lbs!}

 {Mommy calls me chubby, but it's all muscle, see?}

 {Do I have something on my face?}
Gramma spent a few nights with us so mom could try and get a little beauty sleep. I loved having her here. She's really good at rocking me and changing my diaper. Oh, and doing laundry. My Auntie Karen and Gramma came over yesterday and helped mom get my room all organized. Want to see pictures? I will show you pretty soon. It's still not quite as decorated as I want, but I love what they've done with the place. Mom says she is going to try and write more later but I've just been keeping her busy. She says she doesn't mind though. I hope you liked my pictures. I don't know if you've noticed, but my mom takes a ton! My mom says I get cuter every day so she just has to keep taking more. I'm off to play in my swing for a little while. Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Cohen

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  1. AWw, it's so good to see him at home with his mommy and daddy :) And he really IS getting cuter every day!