Monday, March 25, 2013

Sick Days

Cohen is still working on getting rid of his cold. He hates the inhaler when we are giving it to him but afterwards will play with it and even put it on his face. We can tell he doesn't feel good but he seems to be handling it pretty well. It's probably harder on us than him as we are evaluating every cough or funny breath. I've gotten out my stethoscope on occasion and listened to his breathing and even pulled up his shirt to watch his breathing. Poor fellow sounds pretty miserable but we are hoping he will kick it soon! Meanwhile, a few pictures of the little sickie. 

{Aw mom, I know I'm sick, but can't I please still play outside??} 


{Getting a little fresh air} 


  1. must...keep...playing hahaha love it! Hope your sickie gets better soon!

  2. He is still so cute even when he is sick! I am curious how you get a toddler to use an inhaler. How does he know when or how to inhale? Whenever Veronica is sick, I always pull her shirt up to see if she is retracting. I get so paranoid. I've even asked our pediatrician about buying our own pulse oximeter but she thought I was being ridiculous. Hope he feels better soon!

    1. Marcie, his inhaler attaches to a little chamber attached to a mask. The medicine stays in the chamber and we have to make sure he breathes in at least 5 times or so. He hates having the mask on his face! I have seriously considered trying to find a pulse ox to have at home and I'm glad I'm not the only one who checks for retractions. I think we have a right to be paranoid :)

  3. Poor baby, saying a prayer he recovers quickly.

  4. We totally check for retractions, and that's the first question the pediatrician asks when we call her about congestion/breathing issues: 1)Do you see retractions?, 2)What is their breath rate?, and 3)Do you hear wheezing? The one time we did have to go to the ER was for retractions and a fast breath rate. Turned out to be just a need for an extra breathing treatment, but better safe than sorry!

    So you're doing exactly what you should be doing!