Monday, March 4, 2013

25 Weeks & A Name!

We have reached our 25 week mark!! It's strange how once you've had a preemie, your mind uses that as a reference for your current experiences.

If we make it to 23 weeks, the baby will be "viable".

If we make it to 25 weeks, we know we can have a preemie that can survive. 

If we make it to 28 weeks that seems pretty "safe". 

If we make it to 30 weeks, that would be amazing!

Obviously, we want a full term baby, there is no question about that. But I guess it's all relative to what we've been through. Danny have talked several times about how if the baby was born at 30 weeks, we feel like we would handle it pretty well. 

It's also strange to me that at this point, our baby boy is inside cooking, but that we know in general what he would look like if he were born right now. How tiny he would be, how thin his skin would be, that he would  require help to breathe, that his eyes would probably still be fused shut, and his sensitivity to lights, sounds, and even his own parents' touch.  

These pictures used to seem so "normal" for me to look at. Of course now I realize they are anything but normal. We are beyond thrilled to still have our baby boy safe and sound, growing on the inside.

Also, I know I said awhile ago that I would post baby's name and then forgot! Baby K3's name will be Ezra Andrew. Danny and I both love the name and decided a few weeks ago that this would be his name. My mom and sister's middle names are both Ann and my dear Gramma's name was Anna, so the Andrew is for them. With the boys, we kept their names a secret from everyone until they were born. I remember telling Danny once things when things were so uncertain that I wanted my babies to have names. At that time though, I wanted it to just be something for us. And I also didn't want to hear about everyone's cousins, sister's, dog's, uncle's who had that name or about the annoying kid in their 3rd grade class with the same name. This time, it feels different. First of all, it is way too unlikely that I would be able to remember to keep it a secret. And secondly, we want to be able to call him by his name. So there you have it!

Ezra Andrew


  1. I can completely relate to that dating of your pregnancy...Cam and I say the same thing! We both think, "Well, if we can make it to even 28 weeks, we would be extra month...anything after that is icing on the cake, right?"

    And I LOVE the name...I'm also a little biased toward that middle name... :)

  2. That's a great name! So happy to hear everything is going wonderfully. I think Andy will also feel special about Ezra's middle name :) Miss you guys!