Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Real Life

When you enter the preemie world or the baby loss world, you search to find people who are like you, who "get it". While many of us have great support systems right around us, there is nothing like having someone who has walked in similar shoes and knows how it feels. 

I have found some really wonderful people through this blog and through other avenues online. I am so thankful that resources like this are available now and that we can connect in ways we wouldn't have been able to 10 years ago. Lately, I have found myself wishing I could take a little tour around the United States and meet all my friends. I think it would be so fun to be able to meet the people who have walked this journey with us from afar. I would love to see the faces behind all the messages and support and tears and give some big giant hugs in real life. It would be so fun for our kids to meet or to share pictures of our babies in heaven. Don't you think that would be fun?? Who's in?? :) 


  1. I'm in! We should have a place in the middle of the country or something...a a condo and just all go and have a mama's weekend exploring somewhere & getting to know each other IRL! :)

  2. I'm IN! I have thought this same thing ever since Jack was born! I think we should have a cruise or "reunion" at an all-inclusive, family-friendly resort! I would totally be there! I'm not much of an organizer, but I bet one of "us" out there is???

  3. That would be amazing!!! I think a baby loss conference centrally located with really affordable hotels is what we need:)