Tuesday, March 19, 2013

21 Months

Cohen seems to be in a very sensitive spot right now. He has started to notice when Danny or I leave and cries if we leave him somewhere, even if it's with family. (Pictures all from Karen)

There are some things he is so fearless about and then other times he is literally clinging to our legs over the sound of the rain or a loud noise. I'm sure it's probably just a stage for his age, but it's so different than he normally is. It's hard to know how to reassure him while helping him know that it's okay and we are coming back for him, which I know he doesn't really understand yet.

While it has been a bit challenging, we also love to see how much he is constantly learning. If you ask him what a duck says he will say "quack" and if you ask him what a horse says he will say "neigh". His words of the week are "night night" and "uh oh". His walking is getting better but he is still constantly falling or trying to catch his balance.

He loves sticks and rocks and mud puddles, a true boy. He is starting to show his displeasure a little more because we don't let him live outside. He's earned a few trips to his bed for a little "regroup" time.   We are also working on using a spoon and fork and he loves it although he doesn't usually actually get the food on his spoon without some help. He has also been practicing with a big boy cup, but only when he is in his high chair as it always ends up all over the floor otherwise. He likes to "help" if we are making dinner. He gets out a spatula and a bowl and plays on the floor while we cook.

He keeps me incredibly busy and I'm generally exhausted by the end of the day, but he's so fun.

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