Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Busy Week

Well, we were waiting for things to slow down a little, but this week wasn't it I guess.

Cohen came down with a cold and has a nasty sounding cough. We decided to give it a few days and see what happened. He's had very minor cold/teething runny noses before, but this is his first chest cold. Pretty amazing if you think about it, we have been incredibly blessed with his health out of the NICU. This morning he woke up and was coughing pretty hard and couldn't quite catch his breath. We decided to take him in to the after hours clinic at his pediatricians office just to make sure everything looked good. My concern wasn't necessarily that he was in distress right now, he has been low(er) energy and working a little harder to breath, but otherwise seemed to be handling it well. My worry is that he won't be able to get rid of it and it will turn into pneumonia or something else. So, in we went. The doctor thought he seemed to be handling it well, but prescribed him in inhaler to use to make sure things are moving out of his lungs and not getting stuck down there and also to use during his little coughing fits. Even though he seems to be doing fine, it's hard to forget all the things taht have been drilled into our heads about his chronic lung disease and how even a basic cold could be something serious for a preemie. We've been enjoying the extra snuggles but are hoping this goes away quickly.

My dad also spent the night in the hospital which was a little scary, but everything seems to be fine so we are very thankful for that.

We had an ultrasound yesterday and baby and cervix both still look good! Boring and normal, just how we like it.

Here's hoping next week settles down a little.

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