Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuff the Stockings!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has responded about wanting to help. I had put this post up and then shortly after there was a lot of care package activity going on on facebook :) I didn't really expect so many people to want to help. I thought I would just be putting a few things together on my own, but thank you SO much. I am really excited about it! I think it will be a really nice pick me up for the NICU moms, especially during the holiday season. So, I will try and get myself a little more organized. Our goal is to get 15 stockings together and stuffed. There is also a page at the top of my blog with info about the stockings. Some people have made a few more suggestions to add to the care package list so I am adding those here:

 Little lotions
Granola Bars/Snacks/Gum
Emergen-C (Since it's cold season!)
Maybe a little notebook for keeping notes about baby
Vitamin Water
Hot Chocolate or Tea
Hand Sanitizer
Baby Hats and maybe little Christmas blankets (if I get around to knitting/sewing them)
Sample size shampoo/conditioner
Disposable cameras
Starbucks Gift cards (maybe like $5??)
Stockings or Gift bags to put everything in

Ways you can help:

1) Get any of these things and if you are local I can pick them up or maybe we can figure out another way to get them if you are in the Seattle area. I have also made a "Wish List" on Amazon so even if you wanted to purchase something and send it to us that would work as well. Here is the link to the Wish List.

2) If you knit, sew or hats! See this post for links to preemie hat patterns. Or if you want to make some fleece, felt or other kind of stocking (or purchase them if you'd rather :) In our family, stockings are a pretty big deal. The stocking is actually my favorite part of Christmas morning....that's why I want to do stockings. But, there is always gift bags too.

3) Depending on how many of the packages we end up making, I may need help assembling things. So keep that in mind too.

I am really excited about this and about how many people want to help! I feel really good about being able to help out and encourage some other people. I know what a hard road it is and I want to do anything I can to help. I just keep walking around smiling and last night I couldn't sleep because I was so excited. I know this isn't about me, but it is nice to be doing something positive that I know will also bless others. Thank you so, so much!

Feel free to email me if you have questions or suggestions or want to help sister also made an email address specifically for the "Stuff the Stockings" project. It is and she has also set up a specific blog for this project. I know this is a lot of info but we are just thrilled about this project. We are working on getting a little more organized :)

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