Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cohen's Confessions

We have been a little busy around here with our "Stuff the Stockings" project. Mom and I made several blankets yesterday that I will show you soon! We are really excited about this.

Word has gotten out to a few people about this, so Cohen decided he better just come clean.

 {Do you see it?}

{How about now?}

Cohen sleeps in a pink swaddler! He out grew his boy ones that we had so I went in to get him a bigger one at the consignment store and they were all PINK. No white. No yellow. No green. Just pink. So pink it is. Anything you would like to confess to make Cohen feel better? :)


  1. I hide dishes under my sink when I am too lazy to wash them :)

  2. Haha Karen! If I did that I would probably forget about them and find them a week later!

    I guess I should add my own confession...I rarely get dressed before noon, don't judge :)

  3. What you guys are doing with "Stuff the Stockings" is great!!

  4. I think Gramma can remedy this... If I had ONLY known!

    I push dirt under my rug in the dining room. Just small piles, if I am in a hurry.....

  5. Every time I hide dishes in my oven for the arrival of an important person (i.e. Grandma or an Auntie) the person invariably has some crazy excuse to OPEN my oven!!! Hello???? Cohen, I think you're adorable AND manly in your pink wrap.