Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Snow & Stockings

Well, it's snowing here so it seems like a perfect day to turn on the Christmas tunes and sew! We made a brief trip to Gramma's house, Cohen's first time there, for baking day. We sampled some Christmas cookies and had lunch with Gramma and Gramma 2 (my mom's best friend). Cohen is now taking a hopefully long nap and it's Danny's day off so he is doing a few chores around the house.

 {MMMM....we love baking day!}

 I made my first 2 stockings! Who wants to fill them!? We have been really excited about the response we have gotten for our Stuff the Stockings Project. We have some other NICU graduate's moms who are helping out, a Bible study, a Sunday School class, friends, Grandmas, Grandpas, etc who are all helping. It is really wonderful!

Our goal was to get 15 stockings made and filled and I think we will easily meet that goal. Maybe we should try for 30? I really better get sewing then. Here are some of the blankets Mom and I made on Monday. I also have 2 raggy quilts sitting on my couch waiting to be finished and one quilt top waiting for a backing.

We have several people donating travel size toiletries and lots of gum. A couple other people are making preemie hats, small hand warmers, blankets, Christmas ornaments for the babies, and even some burp rags.

Things we still need:
$5 Gift Cards to Starbucks, Subway, or Quiznos (These are all within walking distance from the hospital)
Hand sanitizers
Small lotions
Hot chocolate, tea, and Emergen-c or Airborne
Blankets (especially small Christmas blankets)
Stockings (purchased or made)

We have also put together a "Wish List" on Amazon if you need ideas or would like to purchase things online and mail them directly to us. 

Here is a flyer that Karen made. I have no clue how to put it on here as a file that you can download so let me know if you want me to send you the file so you can print it. It is posted on the NICU Care Packages blog if you want to see it. (Anyone know how to get it on here as a downloadable file?)

{And here is Cohen, sleeping for a cause. He was supposed to be waking up for his bottle, that's why he is half dressed. He wasn't interested in the bottle at all.}

As always, if you are interested in providing any of these things or have questions/suggestions, please email me or Also, check out the NICU Care Packages facebook page. It is where most of the action is going on (where is all the blog love? :)

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  1. Love the stockings! Super Cute! If you need me to come babysit so you can sew more let me know! I can also help cut and try and sew a straight line :)