Monday, January 7, 2013

The Weekend

We had a seriously loooong weekend over here. Danny went ice fishing for the weekend so it was just Cohen and I. Just this weekend, Cohen learned how to climb onto our end table and stand on our stereo system. He also learned to climb into his dad's desk chair and onto the desk. He also opened an entire package of crackers and smashed them on the floor upon arriving home from the grocery store. He also woke up way too early from his naps both days due to deciding to poop when he was supposed to be napping. He also developed a seriously evil (and funny) laugh. He also didn't sleep all night Saturday night and woke up with a cold on Sunday. All I can say is, single parents, you are very brave.

He also gave me about 10 of the sweetest, unprompted kisses, all on his own. He came over to me and took my face between his hands. He kept turning my head so I thought he was looking at something and then he gave me one of his best open mouthed kisses, snot and all. And then he turned my face and did the other cheek too.

I am 17 weeks along this week and Cohen is 19 months old! All is still going well here. I think the plan will be for me to get my cervix checked every 2 weeks (yahoo) until I hit around 28 weeks. I am really, really hoping and praying for no contractions. We are getting to the point where I started having them with the boys, which is making me nervous. It was such a helpless, frustrating feeling to have consistent contractions and not be able to do anything about it but sit and worry. So I am hoping for none this time around.

It has been interesting the different doctors opinions on me and my issues. We have gotten everything from the wonderful "Let's not turn this into something it's not" to "You don't need to see a perinatologist because you really aren't high risk (but you can if you want)" to "Yes, you are a high risk patient and we will be watching you like one". I think they just don't really know what to make of me. I think the consensus is that the majority of things that happened with the boys can be attributed to the fact that it was a twin pregnancy. However, there is still a chance that I could still have cervical shortening and contractions again. But, probably not. Although it isn't impossible so they are watching for it. Got it? Good!

I just keep telling them I am going for uneventful, but I also need to be reassured. I have been quite happy with my care aside from that first appointment.

And here is a picture of the belly. I made my sister take a picture this morning, it's the first "belly picture" I've taken. It's little, but it's there. I keep thinking that it should be bigger by now, but I have to remind myself I'm only growing one baby this time.

{Left is with the twins at 17 weeks, Right is baby boy at 17 weeks}

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