Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mr. Personality

My sister has taken all of these adorable pictures of Cohen that I keep meaning to put up!

Cohen is at a fun age right now, his personality is really starting to come out. He still loves to be outside any chance we get. He likes to follow the cat around and he even tried to give him a kiss (which did not go well). He loves to climb on the couch, the chairs, the end tables...anything he can get to. He is big into throwing everything, we often find ourselves ducking and trying to avoid getting clocked with whatever he decides to chuck. He babbles up a storm and it's so funny to sit and listen to him. He also has several maniacal laughs that he likes to pull out at various times. He has developed a great interest in using a spoon or fork but wants to do it himself.

And just in the last few days he has even decided to start standing and walking on his own! He has been able to take steps for awhile now, but refused to walk on his own. We have noticed him voluntarily walking short distances on his own lately. He has also decided to start throwing fits. I usually just walk away and thankfully the fits only last a very short time before he gets distracted by something else. I find myself trying not to giggle when he tosses himself to the floor, does various acrobatic poses, and yells his ugly scream. Ahh, so fun. Thankfully he's cute and he certainly is Mr. Personality.

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