Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teeny Tears Update: Diaper Therapy

Over this last few weeks, the Northwest Diaper Dreamers (our local Teeny Tears group) has sent out (or will be very soon) over 600 diapers! They have gone to:

5 hospitals in Washington
1 NILMDTS photographer in Seattle
Sawyer's Heart in Illinois
6 hospitals in Florida
2 hospitals in Texas

We love doing this project and are continually amazed and overwhelmed that we have the support to continue making diapers. We appreciate all of our helpers who cut out endless amounts of diapers and all of those who come to our "diaper parties" to help out. Our local quilt shop has a sign up and we have many people donate flannel. They even let us hold diaper parties at their shop!! This would not be possible without all the wonderful help.

All of the diaper sets are sent with small cards and an angel's name along with the Teeny Tears website. We have been honored to hear from a few families who have received the diapers, although it's always bittersweet as we wish no one ever needed the diapers.

We donate a fair amount of diapers in Carter's name, but we also donate in other angel babies names. I feel like it's some small thing that I can do to help other baby loss moms. There is something about seeing your baby's name written down for others to see that validates their presence in this world, no matter how brief.  I've said it before but this has been such a healing project for me in so many ways and my mom and I often call it our "diaper therapy".

And of course if you ever want to help out, let me know! You can help even if you can't sew! Teeny Tears has an awesome facebook group of women full of tips and tricks of the trade to help you get started. Teeny Tears is also not limited to the northwest, there are people all over the United States and Canada making diapers, so surely there is a connection out there for you. For more info on all the specific ways to help out, click here.


  1. This is such an awesome project that you do!! Amazing work!!

  2. Amazing diapering adventures in the Great Northwest!


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