Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates: Pregnancy, Care Packages, & Diapers

A few quick updates on the going ons (goings on?) around here...

We went in yesterday for our 12 week appointment and it went much better than the first. They checked my cervix to make sure it was behaving and all looks good. We got to see our little baby bouncing around. Danny was teasing me because I said he/she looks like Cohen. I know all babies look pretty much the same on ultrasound, but the baby looks like it has the same little nose as the boys. I feel like now that we have made it to 12 weeks I can breathe a little sigh of relief. I think it also helped to have a doctor who was more understanding and didn't make me feel crazy. He actually told me he thought I was doing well. The doctor we saw this week was the one who sent us down to UW to be admitted and he remembered us, so I think that helps with him being a little more supportive of our situation.

{Sweet little profile}

We have shipped off over 700 diapers in the last few weeks. The diapers are on their way to 3 hospitals in Alaska, one in Tacoma, some to New York, a big batch to California, and I have a few more to send to Colorado. We have also had the privilege of sending out diapers in memory of Carter's angel friends Parker, Keaton, Winter, & Gabriel.

{Diapers to NY for Carter's angel friend, Parker}

{380 diapers to Long Beach, CA}

NICU Care Packages:
The bags are packed! Last week we took all the supplies to my ladies night at my church and we got all of the packages packed in a short amount of time. We are taking the packages down on Saturday to be delivered by the NICU staff. We have over 50 care packages, including a few for parents on bedrest. We were also able to make 6 bags of baby basics (clothes, diapers, wipes, and small toys & books) for parents in need. And of course, the 50 blankets and many, many hats to take down for the babies. We are thrilled to be able to take all of these things down. We couldn't have done it without all of you and we are very thankful for everyone who has been a part of this.

We took Cohen to the lighted Christmas parade. He got to sit with his friend Isaiah. He liked to look at all the big tractors and lights. Also, our decorations are up! We didn't go all out this year and I'm okay with it. We have a small tree up that Cohen loves to undecorate and carry the ornaments around the house. Every night I go around and pick them up and put them back on the tree. I'm still working on getting a good picture of Cohen in front of the tree. We are trying to do simple this year. Cohen has 2 presents. Danny has tickets to a Seahawks game and I got family pictures. We will do stockings Christmas morning, because that's my favorite part. Easy and low stress!

And then, I finally made this purse for my sister's birthday. I have been promising her a new one for several years and this year I actually got it made.

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