Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In case you need something a little light-hearted today... a friend was giving a few examples of funny things that people had searched and come across their blog. So I went to look and this is what I found, these are things that people have typed in google or a search engine and gotten to our blog:

- mom's first tattoo
- "he blew out his diaper"
- "long toes"
- can baby boys put on stockings
- diaper slave story (????)
- gingerbread house kit falling apart
- "put my cold feet on him"
- hiccups after wisdom teeth out
- I ripped a huge hole in my pajama pants can they be fixed?
- reindeer hand sanitizer
- "incredibly ticklish"
- homemade pizza Christmas trees
- will a hospital bed fit down my hallway
- is it normal for a baby to have big hands and feet
- Jimmy Kimmel's first wife
- video of the day we went to get our christmas tree
- I think tiny flies have come from my Christmas tree

Some of these I know exactly what post they would have gotten to from their search, some of them I have NO idea. But they were good for a laugh! And if you got here through one of those searches, welcome :) 


  1. Well at least they searched JIMMY Kimmels first wife and not DANNY Kimmels first wife!

  2. I always crack up at the way people find my blog too. There have a been were a little disturbing, but most are hilarious.

  3. How can you tell how they looked you up? I found you through another blog, delightfully so!!