Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmases. We have a good time over here, we even got a white Christmas!!

Danny's parents came up on Christmas Eve and we were able to spend a little time with them. We went out to dinner and then came home for brownies.

 It started snowing early in the day and Danny didn't actually believe me that it was snowing because the snowfall was a little sparse. But I knew it was there. It kept snowing for most of the day and finally quit in the afternoon.

{Good morning cute boy!}

We had a nice quiet breakfast at home with our traditional "coyote" breakfast. I don't know how it got that name, but it's just fried dough covered in powdered sugar or jam. Yum, yum. There really weren't any presents to open, other than one that Cohen got. I had opened my gift, a dustbuster, the night before. You know you're getting old when you ask for and are extremely excited about getting cleaning tools. It had to charge for a full 24 hour so I was pretty bummed I couldn't use it right away.


Cohen got some hot wheels cars in his stocking that he loved. I have never seen him sit still for so long and actually play with something. If I would have known how much he was going to like them I would have gotten them a long time ago!

{Monster truck meets medical kit}

After Cohen's nap, we headed over to my parents house. We played some games and had appetizers and visited. After dinner, we opened presents, always fun with all the kids running around! The adults draw names for presents and we all usually get the kids something.



{The men, minus one brother} 

{The ladies}

{The fam}

This Christmas just felt so easy stress wise. We kept everything super simple and we had a great time. Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating as well! 


  1. Merry Christmas it looks like a wonderful time! Hope you are feeling good :)

  2. The fam.... also minus one brother :( So thankful to know all four of you will be celebrating together again some day.