Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Picture Fix

Can someone please tell me when my little tiny baby turned into not so tiny little boy!? (All of these pictures are from Cohen's Auntie Karen)

I have told a few of you about this, so here's your picture to go with it. Cohen gets really excited about things and yells "OH!" and makes this ridiculous(ly cute) face.

He also likes to talk on cell phones. The phone must be held at the back of his head to work properly. This is apparently a very serious conversation.
{"Naughty!? What do you mean, Santa? Who told you that?}

{"He called me naughty, can you believe it, Auntie Karen!?"}


  1. Is turning into quite the cute little boy! Can't wait to have him over to play tomorrow!

  2. He is absolutely adorable! I LOVE the "oh" face. I think I can hear him saying it through the computer.

  3. I can't get over how much he and his cousin look alike!