Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simply Christmas

We have enjoying a nice simple Christmas around here and it has been so nice. We put up our little Christmas tree and stockings and really about all we did for decorations. And I'm okay with it.

Every day Cohen undecorates the tree and I re-decorate it when he goes to bed. I'm okay with that too. We opted to not fight the "don't touch the tree battle" and just decorate the bottom half of the tree with things that were okay for Cohen to play with. And he loves it. There are two little stuffed bear ornaments that are always the first ones he pulls off. He carries them around the house, drives them around in his dump truck and he snuggles them. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. He puts one on each ear and then lays his head down and cuddles them. We also don't have any presents under the tree so that's one less battle to fight too.

 {Cohen socializing with the relatives}

Danny and I went together and then split up to get things for each other's stockings. One night of shopping and we were done! So nice.


We've even gotten to go to a few Christmas parties along the way. Last weekend we had a Christmas party with my mom's side of the family (all the pictures posted are from that party). We've missed the party the last few years and it was fun to get to see everyone again. Cohen had a great time schmoozing his great aunties and a few of my cousins. This week we got to go to the Christmas party for our Sunday School class which was also nice. We have another Christmas party this weekend with our friends that we are looking forward to. It's nice to be able to enjoy things like these parties a little more because we aren't so worried and stressed out about everything else.

 {Oh yeah, we were there too}

We listen to our Christmas music, drink our hot chocolate, and look at the lights with Cohen. It's not the biggest or the fanciest Christmas we'll ever have, but for right now, it's perfect.


  1. LOL I redecorate the bottom of the tree every night also! Those boys are so worth it;) Looks like sweet family fun!

  2. He is adorable in his Santa outfit! And we resorted to a gate around the tree but I like your idea!