Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wait a second...

...weren't things supposed to slow down once fall came? That's what I thought anyway. We are still kinda busy and the days have been getting away from me.

I've started going to a Bible study at our church and have enjoyed it so far even though there's only been one week. We've also started going to church and Sunday school regularly. Cohen has even been going to the nursery. He doesn't appreciate us leaving him there, but he settles down pretty quickly.

Cohen is going to have his first non-family babysitter tomorrow! Don't worry, she's a nurse :)

Also, Cohen has taken a few steps by himself!!! Not voluntarily, but he did it. He still prefers to crawl because he is a fast crawler and walking just seems like a lot of work. His OT has been working with him to get him to go backwards down stairs (he doesn't have a very good sense of where edges are or that he will fall). He is finally turning around to go down/off of things instead of diving head first, although he still does that on occasion.

We go in for his High Risk Infant Follow Up visit in a few weeks and make a trip to his pediatrician. We are anxious to see what she thinks this winter will look like for Cohen and us and whether or not he will get the Synagis.

Even though we are still busy, we've also been slowing down a little by taking long walks with Cohen and stopping to look for the frog on the path or picking blackberries. We are enjoying a little more time at home but still trying to get outside while we can.

Oh, and I am finishing up a baby quilt and we signed up to make over 300 more diapers for Teeny Tears. Yep, that should keep us busy for awhile. 


  1. Malachi and Cohen need a play date. They have SO many similarities!!!! They would totally be besties, I know it.

  2. He is such a cutie! Your an amazing mommy :)