Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We decided to go big for our last weekend of summer. I have always worked full time during the summers so before I always felt like they were never long enough. Since I am home most of the time now, I feel like we really got a lot out of this summer. I always love the sunshine, but I also like the changes that fall brings and a time to just slow down a little.

So, we headed down to Seattle for the weekend. We were originally just going to stay one night, but then I decided to see if Danny wanted to stay 2 nights since I know he doesn't get enough time with his friends since we live so far apart. The main reason for going to Seattle was because of Danny's fantasy football draft. Yep, it's that time of the year. I like fall but I hate football season. I like the food but I hate watching football games. (Have you ever tried to get a man's attention when they are watching football? Do you also know that most Seattle teams are....kinda bad?) Anyway, every year Danny and his friends get together and pick their teams.

Our friends Andy and Tamara just got a beautiful new house and they offered to let us stay with them, which was wonderful. Cohen managed to leave a few handprints on a mirror and some mouth marks on the window, other than that he did fairly well. Thanks for being brave enough to have us in your new house, Erstads!

We drove down on Saturday and stopped at the zoo since it was one of the last things on our summer list. Cohen loved it for the first little bit. He smiled really big anytime he got to see one of the animals. Some of the animals were too far away so he wasn't terribly interested, but he had a good time. His favorites were the porcupines and the sloth bear.

 {More giraffes}

{Daddy and Cohen looking at the bears}

{Saying "hi" to the elephant}

From the zoo, we headed to Andy and Tamara's and invited a few friends over for dinner. Little Elliott, who was also born a little early, has totally chunked out and is adorable! Cohen doesn't quite know what to make of babies, he managed to give Elliott a few love pats. Elliott tolerated the first one and then decided he had enough. Sorry Elliott, someday Cohen will know how to be nice to babies, or you will learn how to fight back.

Sunday we made a quick trip to Ikea. We never really finished decorating our house after we moved in, so I wanted to pick up a few picture frames and of course it's always a fun trip. After that, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Kimmel for lunch. We got a little surprise in that Danny's sister and his niece and nephew were there, so that was fun. Cohen's little cousin is only 8 months old but the boys were about the same size.


 {Cohen with his aunt and cousins}

Then, it was the long awaited draft time. We broke out of the house for a little while for a much needed wanted trip to Joanns. Our local store has a very limited flannel selection so I needed to see what I was missing out on. I have been missing out on a LOT! I got some super cute stuff that I can't wait to turn into diapers.

We had a busy, fun weekend and I'm glad we made the trip. Football season officially starts this week, please pray for my sanity. 

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  1. Love the photo of Cohen in front of the hippo. What a cutie!

    I don't care for football either and it bothers me that people spend their entire Sundays watching the game on tv. Much to my dismay, my three boys have taken a liking to it :(