Thursday, September 20, 2012

Smarty Pants

I know every parent thinks their own child is a genius and quite possibly the most intelligent child on the planet, and I know I just talked about mommy wars and competitions, but Cohen is really super smart.

He knows that the toy phones and remotes that we give him aren't the real ones, even though they are real and just not working.

He knows how to turn off the Playstation and take out the DVDs I try and get him to watch.

He knows that if the kiddie gate isn't up in the doorway of our room that he can push the closed door and tromp on in.

He knows that if I accidentally leave my purse on the floor that he can get into and find all of his favorite cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.

He knows that if he acts really cute and tired that we will hold his sippy cup for him.

He knows that if he can pull down his bin of all "his" things in the living room that I will spend just enough time picking them up so that he can get into something else.

He knows that if he throws Mr. Stinkers out and screams that eventually someone will come back in and give it to him.

He knows that if he throws his bananas on the floor that we will whisk them away and probably give him something else because we still want him to get fatter.

He also knows that he can crawl much faster than he could walk, so he's pretty content to not try.

He knows that when he does his fake laugh that people think he's hilarious and adorable.

See what I mean? He's a genius! 


  1. We all knew he is a genius, but WHAT did you FEED him in that picture? dirt? Inquiring Grammas need to know....

    1. Well, he does like to eat dirt, but he was eating black beans.

  2. He IS the smartest ever! Wonder where he got that?