Thursday, September 6, 2012

15 Months

Cohen is 15 months old, almost 12 months adjusted.

Cohen hasn't been to the pediatrician in the last few months (yay!) but we are guesstimating that he is around 19 lbs. He is a skinny little fellow and is still wearing 9 month pants but 12-18 month onesies. He is tall but seems to have gotten the short Rinehart legs, sorry buddy!

He has 7 teeth with an 8th on the way.

He cruises around on everything but isn't quite ready to try walking.

He continues his love for all things cars, wheels, trucks. He "drives" all of his toys around the house.

His favorite foods are pancakes, avocados, and bananas. He won't eat berries of any kind and eggs are hit or miss.

He is only taking bottles sometimes in the morning and usually before bed, otherwise he's a sippy cup kinda guy.

He is practicing waving "bye bye" although it doesn't always happen and sometimes he says "bah" for bye bye. He is funny with saying things, sometimes he will say a word for awhile and then he quits.

He usually never puts up a fuss for naptimes or bedtime and he sleeps 12-13 hours at night. He is still taking 2 naps a day and is thinking about switching to one, but hasn't fully committed.

He LOVES his Mr. Shakers/Stinkers and his new favorite thing is to crawl over to his crib and try and pull him out through the slats.

He is starting to like books and will occasionally sit still long enough to hear one. His favorites are "Baby Animals", "Trucks", and "Naptime for Kitty"

He is big into throwing things. He throws all of his stuffed animals out of his crib, his food off his tray, his bottles when he is done. We are working on signing "all done" but so far Cohen all we get is an occasional arm flail.

 {Time for a bike ride}

{This boy loves him some corn on the cob!}
{Exhausted and refusing to nap}


  1. Way to go Cohen!! And I am jealous of that sleep schedule!! And look at the size of those green beans, my little ones need much smaller pieces! Happy 15 months!

  2. That corn picture is awesome! I need to give Malachi a cob and see what he does.