Monday, December 30, 2013

This Won't Last Forever

We've been having a rough few days (weeks?) Over here. The days are starting to blend together as the nights become longer and less restful. I struggle to master this "mom of 2" business.

Some days are amazing. We are on our game, get out of the house in one piece and really enjoy time as a family. We go for walks, play at the library, and sing Cohen's favorite songs at bedtime.

Then there are the other days. The days I struggle to make it through because the wails for apple juice, the refusal to nap, and the lunch plate getting knocked off the table (again) feel like the last straw. The days that I feel like I might pull all my hair out when I'm letting the cat in and out for the 50th time, when Cohen throws open the door to our room and wakes up Ezra, or Ezra is waking up for the umpteenth time during the night. I reach the end of the day longing for sleep but I never know if I'll actually get sleep or not with our late night party animal. One day I actually took a nap in bed with 3 loads of laundry. The only way I get through some days is by telling myself that this won't last forever. Maybe it will last a week, or a month, or even a year. But it won't last forever. 

Last night, I was snuggling Ezra back to sleep for probably the 5th time in two hours, praying he wouldn't wake up Cohen. As he finally drifted off to sleep, I sat there and stared at his chubby cheeks and felt the weight of him in my arms. And it hit me. This won't last forever. Are there days where I am exhausted and cranky? Absolutely. But this won't last forever. Getting to snuggle my babies to sleep and play toys with them. Having them ask me to read them books or sit on my lap. Before I know it they'll be going off to kindergarten, middle school, high school, and someday maybe starting families of their own. And so, I remind myself that this won't last forever and I snuggle my babies just a little longer. 


  1. perfect...thank you much for the incredible's never too far from my mind :)

  2. omg - glad to know its not just me! Last night as i sat here dealing with a crying baby every 2 hrs sometimes every hour - he cried... i cried... I questioned my parenting - does he cry all the time and not sleep because of something I have done wrong.... and then i look at him, cry because im so in love with him and regardless of how much he cries or how much people think im spoiling him (for holding him to sleep once in a while) - i remind myself that im doing what i think is best for my children, im parenting to the best of my ability, and terrible twos IS a thing - and Harper is going thru it and it will come to an end one day soon and one day soon whether its days, weeks or months, Hunter WILL sleep more than 4 hours... maybe even a whole night... I just have to hang in there, stay strong, and remember that im not the only one going thru this. :) Reading your blog helps remind me of that. Being a stay at home mom is hard - Not every day is sunshine and rainbows. :)

  3. SO true!! I feel stretched very thin at times especially around Christmas! However I know that my sixteen year old was just a squishy little baby and now he is an independent teen:( thankfully a good one:) There are "those" days but just keep reminding yourself of the truth you know, it will be over far to soon. BTW two was far more difficult for me than six is...sounds crazy I know but just something about adjusting to two was hard?:)