Monday, December 9, 2013

First Snow

Today we have had our first snow of the winter. I was excited to see what Cohen thought when he woke up. He was somewhat indifferent about it, but when I convinced him he could go outside and play, he was all in. We laid Ezra down for nap and bundled him up. I may have put a few too many clothes on him, but he was warm and toasty.

He was mostly just thrilled to be outside. It's been so cold lately that we haven't ventured out much. We went out for a quick trip in the morning and then asked Gramma to come over to sit with Ezzy so I could take Cohen out for a walk. I was freezing, but he was thrilled. We even stopped to say "hi" to a few of the neighbors. We were going to go down our favorite path, but it was a little too chilly out so we decided to head home.

I had to bribe Cohen with hot chocolate and Gramma to get him to come back inside!

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