Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Eve we came home and Danny and I filled up each other's stockings and then filled up the boys. Well, their stockings weren't quite filled this year, just a few little things. I love stockings and think they are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. Growing up, my mom always made sure our stockings were full of all our favorite little things and I loved it. 

We kept things pretty low key this year, as it has been for the last few years. The holidays are still hard for me so I try not to put too much stress on myself or go too overboard. I had the majority of my Christmas shopping done in November which was really nice. Ez got a new teething ring and a piggy bank for his college fund. Cohen got some new cars and trucks for his collection. The boys got a few books to share. Danny got some gear for ice fishing. And I got a candle warmer, scarf, and a travel case for my sewing machine! Oh, and we can't forget about the 59" teddy bear our friends gave us! 

We had a nice, quiet morning as a family. We had our traditional breakfast of "coyotes" which is fried bread dough eaten with powdered sugar. Delicious! Danny's parents had thought about driving up Christmas day, but didn't end up making it so we were glad we saw them the previous weekend at Danny's family's Christmas party. After naps we headed over to my parents house to hang out and have lunch with them. It was a relaxing day and it was so fun to watch the boys get to open their presents and have Cohen be excited about Christmas. 


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  1. That "First 100 Machines" book is my son's absolute favorite! He's starting to correct me when I misidentify a machine out in the real world because of that book. LOL