Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby Jesus

Last year we were given a little play nativity set. Cohen was too young to really "get" what it was and I'm not sure he gets it this year either. But, he has been fascinated with the "little Baby Jesus". One of his favorite games lately has been hiding, either himself or his toys and then making us find them or he finds them himself. The baby Jesus has been doing a lot of hiding lately. So far today:

Baby Jesus hidin' in Mommy's woom (room).

Baby Jesus in the bathtub

Baby Jesus under the twee (tree)

Baby Jesus in the potty chair (don't worry, it was a false alarm, Baby Jesus was thankfully not in the potty chair)

Baby Jesus dwivin' the twactor

Baby Jesus has had a very busy day. I was going to take a picture of him for you, but he seems to be hiding somewhere. Hopefully not in the potty chair or the toilet! 

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