Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you all did too! It was a nice, relaxed morning with both boys sleeping in until 8 am and chocolate chip scones for breakfast. I have another sinus infection (boo) so I headed in to pick up my antibiotics and while at Rite Aid I noticed people scurrying around with their carts and ads. I picked up an ad to see what the fuss was about and ending up doing some shopping and getting some really good deals!  (WAY picture overload ahead!)

Ezra took a nice long morning nap in preparation for an afternoon with his relatives. When Ez woke up, we packed up the car and headed over to my parents.

My contributions to the Thanksgiving meal were chocolate chip cookie dough fudge and ravioli appetizers, they both turned out well!

The boys settled right into the living room for football. The ladies gathered around the dining room table and worked on a few diapers (of course). I put Cohen down for a nap right away before his cousins got there and things got too exciting to sleep.

The boys took a break from watching football to go outside and throw the football around to burn off some appetizers and make room for dinner. The kids loved it. Cohen was laughing and running around thinking he was part of all the big kid action. It was pretty cute. Have I mentioned our family is slightly boy heavy?


Then it was dinner time. The best part. The food was excellent, we were all filled to the brim, and I regretted not bringing sweatpants for after dinner. When Ezra woke up he decided he was hungry and ate blended up sweet potatoes! He decided those were so good that he wanted mashed bananas for dessert. He's a Kimmel for sure!

After dinner the kids wanted to go out and watch the sun set. My mom got a balloon for Carter so we took it outside for the kids to let go. Cohen loved to watch the balloon and kept wanting to "get it".

And now....CHRISTMAS!

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